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patrickstarswife : Hey I just love your drawings and I saw the drawing you made of Eren and you said that you didn't have time to color it so can I color it pleaseeee? I'll give you full credit (because it's your artwork duh) but I would reaaaaally love to color it so can I get your permission? Please please please

Thank you for the kind words /// Of course, feel free to color it.  Please link it to me when you finished, I’d really love to see it <3

lovethethingsilove : I just saw the Eren you drew!!! And thanks so much! It's perfect ❤️❤️

Thank you very much, I’ve always been shocked at the amount of notes and feedback I get from that sketch.  I really appreciate it <3333

This is so messy and they look too young in my style weeps.  My own take on Royce and Hadrian, I know they don&#8217;t look like those guys from the novel covers where I took their clothes from.&#160;; v&#160;;
I wanted to draw the bridge scene from book 5 but I just dragged some friends to read it and they&#8217;ll kill me if I spoiled anything.  I&#8217;ve been craving for brotp and this has been lying around for a year so I decided to pick it up and got hooked.  I read all 6 books in 6 days and threw away sleep, rl and ol life.  I love a lot of characters but I guess my fave is Royce.


Meet Teadoir.
Teadoir Einsworth. A loud and cheery hell of a smith. Even with such a cheerful attitude he isn’t someone who’s carefree at all. He takes his work as a smith seriously and surprisingly he’s someone who’s pretty sensitive.

Taking a break from portraits.  I wanna pick up Specter&#8217;s Trail again but I haven&#8217;t drawn Eunn for more than half a year.  So what to do when you can&#8217;t draw your own OC anymore? Redesign  /o/ &#8212;//PUNCHED


Property of ymiiiiii

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh thank you for drawing my baka son agi omggg his swept back hair.  He&#8217;s following Skell&#8217;s footsteps as a rockstar ahahahah

Sketch with flats commission for UFOkitten.
Crossposted with my DA because I need more art here, too.

Anonymous : calistel #6


holy shit anon this palette was a fucking nightmare with high contrast  and similar values wtfimage

i hope you’re happy

self imposed challenge to switch up their colors


Lineart: x
Color: x

reyna-is-lesbian : Can I color your art? I'll credit you, don't worry.

Which one?  Is it the Eren sketch?  Sure, go ahead OvO/ I’d like to see when you finish ///////